Mission statement

Mission statement

Our aim is to make life on our planet worth living. In the light of urbanization, demographic change, climate change, globalization and the decline of resources we need new transport and logistics solutions – developed with reasons, sense of responsibility and a sense of proportion.

For the purposes of the common good and the future of our children we are determined to meet these challenges with our experience, our expertise and our acting.

This vision is the foundation of our daily thinking and acting. It shall give our employees, partners and clients inspiration and motivation.


Our service portfolio

    • Logistics consulting
    • Warehousing and material flow analysis and planning
    • Process optimization
    • Planning of organization
    • Factory planning
    • Creation of outsourcing concepts
    • Location and site analysis
    • Master plan development
    • Economics calculation
    • Simulation
    • Validation
    • Project management
    • Analysis of construction and detailed planning
    • Specifications and tender Management
    • Test management
    • Architecture and construction
    • Test and acceptance process
    • Up to the interim management and commissioning management


Log5Group Engineers GmbH
Heinrich-Hertz-Straße 2
D-44227 Dortmund

+49 (0) 231 5320 44-30
+49 (0) 231 5320 44-40


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