„To see clearly, it often suffices to change one’s perspective”, Antoinede Saint-Exupéry once said. In times when markets are changing by leaps and bounds and technologicy develops with lightning speed, enterprises have to change at the same rate. More than ever a forward-looking corporate policy demands a close look into costs and resources as well as a high flexibility in logistics processes. With this trend in mind the phrase of the French writer is of particular importance. A change of perspective might help finding products and solutions that cover the company’s requirements.

We have the consulting and planning expertise of Log5Group Engineers GmbH – The knowledge is our strength!


Our service portfolio

    • Logistics consulting
    • Warehousing and material flow analysis and planning
    • Process optimization
    • Planning of organization
    • Factory planning
    • Creation of outsourcing concepts
    • Location and site analysis
    • Master plan development
    • Economics calculation
    • Simulation
    • Validation
    • Project management
    • Analysis of construction and detailed planning
    • Specifications and tender Management
    • Test management
    • Architecture and construction
    • Test and acceptance process
    • Up to the interim management and commissioning management


Log5Group Engineers GmbH
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D-44227 Dortmund

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