Quick Check

Before you decide to invest into a new building the Quick Check by the experts from Log5Group might help saving money. Existing intralogistics facilities and processes sometimes only need some professional adjustments. With Log5Group’s “Quick Check Intralogistics” we often found efficiency-enhancing solutions which cost little time and required comparably small investments.

In times when funds are scarce this method is appealing for every kind of enterprise:

  • We provide an independent analysis and assessment of the current situation.
  • The analysis takes place in consecutive steps
    • analysis of the static and dynamic data
    • on-site analysis
  • You will receive an independent and sound non-binding recommendation for actions out of one hand from an intralogistics specialist with proven cross-industry practical experience.
  • You will decide which optimizations should be made: when and where and to what extent
  • You will have full cost control at any time
  • In a further cooperation, the project effort is considerably reduced

Sometimes you only have to adjust some screws to get quantifiable results, for example at the process level, the material flow and at the workplace design.

Let’s talk about it! We look forward to seeing you!



Our service portfolio

    • Logistics consulting
    • Warehousing and material flow analysis and planning
    • Process optimization
    • Planning of organization
    • Factory planning
    • Creation of outsourcing concepts
    • Location and site analysis
    • Master plan development
    • Economics calculation
    • Simulation
    • Validation
    • Project management
    • Analysis of construction and detailed planning
    • Specifications and tender Management
    • Test management
    • Architecture and construction
    • Test and acceptance process
    • Up to the interim management and commissioning management


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